"Great experience with Insulation Extract. We were initially referred to this company by a whirlpool forum thread. We couldn't be more happier with the service and professionalism that was showed. All of the crew were very friendly and polite, taking particular care of our roof. Having Devin quote and being available on site during works was a great piece of mind for my husband and I. We have definitely noticed the difference in temperature with our new R 4 value insulation. Highly recommend this company."


Alison Kelcon - Hillarys 

Roof Ventilation

Roof Ventilators allow hot air to escape from your roof irrespective of wind and rain. With the combination of wind  and heat the roof ventilator then helps extract the air from your roof space allowing the full effect of the insulation to take place.   All of this is based on pressure differentials, either caused by temperature differences, or wind.


Roof Ventiltor Check List


  • Heat transfer from the ceiling to your living / working space is making you uncomfortable with or without insulation.

  • Heat build-up leading to cracked ceilings and cornices

  • Heat and humidity, causing condensation and mould

  • Expansion and contraction of roof due to heat,  leave you with a noisy roof


Generally we don't recomend the use of roof ventilators untless your ceiling r-value is 4.0 and above, because we understand the cost's involved in insulation and the functionality value of roof ventilators at this thermal r-value rating.