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Ceiling Insulation Perth

We Install Insulation In Perth And Surrounding Suburbs.

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Insulation Extract - Leaders in Ceiling Insulation Perth Installs.

Ceiling insulation provides a thermal barrier to prevent the transfer of heat energy making up to 35% of your homes energy efficiency.


Without Ceiling Insulation you'll be spending more money trying to maintain comfortable temperatures running air conditioners and heaters during summer and winter months. 

The thickness (mm) of ceiling insulation is measured by R -Values. The higher the R-Value the greater the thermal efficiency.

Insulation Extract offers a range of ceiling insulation R-Values to best suit your budget and more importantly your families comfort level.

R-Values Explained

Insulation is measured by either u-values or r-values. Bulk Insulation often referred to as "batts" or "blow in" is measured in R- Values. The term R- Value stands for "thermal resistance". 


The higher the R-value, the better the thermal performance. Think of it being the difference between wearing a t-shirt and a thick woollen jumper in winter.

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Insulation Extract only supply & install Earthwool® insulation batts.  Earthwool® insulation is available in a selection of R-Values to provide builders, designers, installers and home owners the opportunity to choose the best thermal performance for their project.

In Western Australia we recommend all existing homes to have R 3.5 - R 5.0 Value batts retrofitted to the ceilings, where as all new construction homes we recommend R 3.0 - R 5.0 installed. 

Earthwool® ceiling batts are made using up to 80% recycled glass and with ECOSE® Technology, a sustainable, bio-based binder that contains no added formaldehyde and are super-soft to handle and install,

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Why Does Ceiling Insulation Matter in Perth?

Perth is renowned for its sun-soaked summers and mild winters. But this beautiful weather comes with a price. During sweltering summers, homes can become uncomfortably warm, leading many to wonder: What is the primary purpose of ceiling insulation?


The answer lies in its capability to combat these temperature extremes. Without insulation, during winter, heat loss through the ceiling can be significant. Proper insulation ensures you aren't reaching for the thermostat constantly, saving you energy and money.

Contractor installing Ceiling insulation in Perth home
Ceiling Insulation in Peth Strung up before plasterboard
Earthwool batt inusulation installed in a perth home
What Benefits Can Homeowners Expect with Ceiling Insulation?

You might be asking, how much can I potentially save on heating and cooling bills with ceiling insulation? The answer: A lot. Insulation acts as a barrier, reducing heat transfer, allowing you to:

  1. Boost Energy Efficiency: Less reliance on heating and cooling systems, leading to reduced energy bills.

  2. Experience Enhanced Comfort: Enjoy fewer temperature fluctuations, turning your house into a sanctuary against Perth's climatic challenges.

  3. Realize Cost Savings: The upfront cost of insulation is easily recovered over time through energy savings.

What Types of Ceiling Insulation are Available?

How does the selection of insulation material impact those with allergies? The type you choose can indeed affect air quality. Here are the primary options:

  1. Blanket Insulation: Commonly made from fiberglass or glass wool, this insulation is ideal for its thermal resistance. The Glasswool variants are now designed to address respiratory concerns and are even approved by health institutions for safety.

  2. Loose-Fill Insulation: Perfect for irregular spaces, this insulation provides comprehensive coverage. we use Blow in Insulation.

  3. Board Insulation: Suitable for new constructions or areas with limited space. This is commonly done during construction as the Boards are placed in between the skins of double brick cavities. But what about existing homes? well, we have a Cavity Wall Insulation where we pump the insulation into the cavity walls.

  4. Reflective Foil Insulation: A preferred choice for Perth's heat, it reflects heat away from homes. This has to be done during new build construction or if the entire roof is being replaced. We recommend a Spray Foam Insulation alternative.

Choosing and Installing the Right Insulation

Are there specific R-values recommended for Perth homes? Absolutely. The R-value, a measure of thermal resistance, indicates how well a product insulates. Perth homes often benefit from higher R-values due to the intense sun. Ensuring you pick the right R-value, material, and professional installation is critical. Improperly installed insulation won't provide the full benefits you're looking for, so always seek expert advice. We recommend, as per the minimum standard is a R4 for Ceilings and a 

Ceiling Insulation Perth Earthwool Batts
Why Trust Professionals with Installation?

Is the installation process messy? How is insulation typically installed? Proper professional installation ensures minimal mess. Insulation can be added via the interior or the external roof, with experts often choosing external methods to prevent indoor disruption and ensure safety. Insulation Extract has completed over 8,000 homes in Western Australia. Check out our reviews 

In Conclusion

Considering the evident benefits, there's no question that ceiling insulation is a prudent investment for Perth homeowners. As you navigate your options, always remember: the right choice in insulation can transform your home into a year-round haven of comfort.

By addressing these common questions and concerns, we hope to provide clarity to homeowners in Perth and help guide them towards the best insulation solutions for their unique needs.

Why Choose Us to Install your New Insulation?


We are the only WA company to gain Knauf Insulation accreditation as a Approved Installer of Knauf Insulation blow in products. All our installers are regularly assessed and tested to ensure all installations meet the highest standards set out by our company goals and Knauf Insulation.


All the products we supply & install are CodeMark™ approved & tested. CodeMark™ is the highest level of product compliance in Australia, which is your assurance of the product’s suitability for use in your home and that it will perform as it should. CodeMark™ certification will also provide a smooth compliance pathway with local building authorities


Insulation Extract is both a HIA & Master builders member in WA. We are more likely to be up to date with the latest regulations and techniques and are committed to the sustainability of the industry as a whole. Members are also subject to a Code of Conduct, which contains ethical standards ensuring the highest quality of workmanship is achieved.

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All our staff are fully insured. We have $20 Mil public liability and full workers compensation giving you peace of mind that you are dealing with professionals.

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