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Underfloor Insulation Perth

We Install Underfloor Insulation In Perth Homes And Surrounding Suburbs.

Trusted by over 10,000 Aussie Home Owners


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Insulation Extract – Your Underfloor Insulation Specialists

As leaders in underfloor insulation, we only use premium quality insulating materials like;

Our main focus is to retrofit existing Perth homes, enhancing the r value, being warm in winter, cool in summer. This is done by improving the energy efficiency under your,

  • suspended floor,

  • timber floorboards,

  • joist structures,

  • homes built on pylons and raised footings,

  • homes with an accessible crawl space.

Whether your home features a concrete slab, concrete floor, or timber floors joists, our dedicated team is committed to delivering bespoke solutions tailored to maximising the r value of your home. As long as the crawl space is;

  •  greater the 600mm and,

  • we have underfloor access throughout the house.

As we have insulated the underfloor of over 10,000 Aussie homes, we understand the ins and outs of underfloor insulation, and are up-to-date with the latest industry products for underfloor insulation. This knowledge and expertise enables us to provide unparalleled service quality, ensuring the sub floor of your home is insulated to the highest standard.

We have boiled it down to two types of underfloor thermal insulation products and applications.

1. Insulation Batts and

2. Closed Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam.

Here we will discuss the different concrete floor and timber floor insulation types, the pros and cons, and how they are installed. This should give you a good guide in deciding how you want proceed with underfloor insulation.

Insulation Batts vs Spray Foam


The Importance of Underfloor Insulation

Similar to wall insulation or ceiling insulation, underfloor insulation acts as an effective barrier against heat gain and heat loss, accounting for about 15-25% of thermal and heat loss out of your home. Being well insulated, leads to significant cost effective energy savings, lowering your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint, if done right.

Suspended timber floors, when not properly insulated, can indeed contribute to heating and cooling problems in a number of ways:

1. Heat Loss and Gain.

Poor underfloor insulation allows for significant heat transfer. During the winter, heat from inside the building can escape through the floor, while in the summer, heat from outside the building can enter the building through the timber floor.

2. Draughts:

Gaps and cracks in the floorboards let in cold air, creating uncomfortable draughts. These draughts can lower the overall temperature of a room, leading heating/cooling systems working harder to maintain consistent temperature. The primary fix that closed cell foam provides is reducing this air infiltration, and acting as a thermal break.

3. Moisture Issues:

Suspended floors, particularly in older buildings, can also contribute to cold winter moisture related problems to underfloors and in cavity walls. This moisture can make cool air in the home feel colder and can lead to damp, mold, and rot issues you can't see that can affect the building's ground structure and indoor air quality.

4. Vermin Deterrent:

Uninsulated timber floors also can provide ground entry points and nesting areas for pests like rodents and insects. The gaps in the structure timber floor that these pests exploit can be sealed by insulating bulk insulation.

5. Increased Energy Costs:

Non-insulated walls and suspended floors can lead to increased energy usage as heating and cooling systems have to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.


Which Underfloor Insulation Products To Use?

We use premium quality Knauf Earthwool as a batt solution to install underfloor insulation, as well as closed-cell spray foam. These floor insulation solutions guarantee superior thermal resistance, but have a series of pros and cons to consider when looking at floor insulation for your specific floor joists, suspended timber floor or concrete slab floor.

1. Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Closed-cell spray foam insulation stands out as the top choice for floor insulation, ceiling insulation, and wall insulation due to its application process, where it adheres directly to the underlying structure. This allows for:

  • Comprehensive airtightness,

  • Exceptional heat retention capabilities,

  • Effective moisture management,

  • Sound dampening, and

  • Enhanced structural reinforcement.

What to Consider when choosing Closed Cell Spray Foam for Underfloor Insulation:

  1. Cost: Spray foam insulation is about 2x more expensive than batts. So you would be choosing the long term, premium solution for your floor insulation. As discussed above, it has superior benefits. 

  2. Professional Installation Required: Installing spray foam is far more complex that installing Knauf earthwool, as the specialised equipment and materials require skilled, trained, experienced professionals. That's all built into the cost. Don't worry, we have completed over 10,000 Aussies homes, and are seasoned veterans.

  3. Replacing floorboards. As spray foam is sticking directly to the underside of your timber floors, it's important you replace all needed timber floors prior to the insulation being applied, or else you will have to cut the foam off the old floorboard you need to replace.

Spray Foam Installation Method:

Closed cell spray foam floor insulation material needs to be installed by trained professionals. We spray the foam directly onto the underside of the floor joists and suspended timber, where it expands to fill all air pockets, deep insulate effectiveness, and sealing against air and moisture infiltration. It's crucial that when installed the foam floor insulation material is sprayed evenly and at the correct thickness to get a consistent finish.

insulating_my_underfloor_example 1

2. Knauf Earthwool Underfloor Batts

The Earthwool® FloorShield underfloor insulation batt, crafted from resilient silicone-coated glasswool, features an ECOSE® glass veil facing that acts as a barrier against wind-wash. This barrier safeguards the flooring material from the effects of air circulation beneath it. This is the market leading batt solution for underfloor insulation. It comes in the standard r value range. The benefits of this include:

High Thermal Performance:

This underfloor material offer superior thermal performance, demonstrating the need to insulate your home.

Sound Absorption:

Knauf Earthwool Underfloor solution can absorb sound, contributing to a quieter indoor environment.


This solution is made from recycled glass and sand, making them a sustainable insulation choice.


These batts are fire-resistant, improving the overall safety of your home.

What to Consider when choosing Knauf Batts for Underfloor Insulation:

  1. Installation Process: Installing batts can be time-consuming as they must be cut to fit and then placed between the floor joists.

  2. Gaps: If not installed properly, gaps can occur between batts, reducing their effectiveness as floor insulation.

  3. Potential for Settling: Over time, batts can settle or shift, reducing their insulating properties, requiring ongoing maintenance.

Batt Installation Method:

The installation process for Knauf Earthwool Underfloor Batts involves cutting the glasswool batts to the correct size and fitting them between the floor joists. Care must be taken to ensure they fit snugly, as these can undermine the thermal performance of the floor insulation. It's also important to ensure they are secured correctly to prevent them from falling or shifting over time.


Contact Insulation Extract Today

Ready to improve your home's energy efficiency, comfort, and value with underfloor insulation? Contact Insulation Extract today. Our experts will be happy to provide you with more information about our products and services and guide you on the best underfloor insulation solution for your home.

Insulation Extract - For A Warmer, Cooler, More Energy-Efficient Home

At Insulation Extract, we're committed to delivering the best underfloor heating and insulation installation services to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of heating your home. With us, you get a warmer home in winter, a cooler home in summer, and lower energy bills all year round. Rely on our Product and industry knowledge.

We offer underfloor insulation services designed to lower your energy bills significantly. By using air conditioners reducing the heat flow in your house and the heat flow out of your home, our insulation techniques help retain warm air during the cold winter months and prevent the intrusion of heat during the hot summer. This efficient temperature regulation reduces the strain on your heating and cooling systems, ultimately leading to reduced energy consumption and decreased energy costs.

Unsure which way to go?


Underfloor Insulation FAQ's

What is underfloor insulation and why is it important for my home?

Underfloor insulation acts as an effective barrier against heat gain and heat loss, accounting for about 15-25% of thermal and heat loss out of your home. It ensures your home remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer, leading to energy savings.

What types of underfloor insulation does Insulation Extract offer?

The company offers two main types of underfloor thermal insulation: Insulation Batts and Closed Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam.

How does underfloor insulation help in improving my home's energy efficiency and comfort?

Proper underfloor insulation reduces significant heat transfer, minimizes draughts through gaps and cracks in the floorboards, manages moisture issues, deters vermin, and decreases energy costs.

What are the benefits and considerations when choosing Closed Cell Spray Foam for underfloor insulation?

Closed Cell Spray Foam offers airtightness, heat retention, moisture management, sound dampening, and structural reinforcement. However, it is costlier than batts and requires professional installation.

How does Knauf Earthwool Underfloor Batts compare to Closed Cell Spray Foam?

Knauf Earthwool Batts are made from silicone-coated glasswool, offering thermal performance, sound absorption, eco-friendliness, and fire resistance. They need precise installation to avoid gaps and may require maintenance over time.

What issues can arise in my home if I don't have proper underfloor insulation?

Without proper insulation, you can experience increased heat loss and gain, draughts, moisture problems leading to dampness and mold, vermin infestation, and elevated energy costs.

How does Insulation Extract ensure the quality and efficiency of their underfloor insulation service?

Insulation Extract has insulated over 10,000 Aussie homes and uses premium quality insulating materials. They have the expertise and knowledge to provide top-tier service, ensuring homes are insulated to the highest standard.

How can underfloor insulation help in reducing my energy bills?

By efficiently regulating temperature through insulation, strain on heating and cooling systems is reduced, leading to decreased energy consumption and thus, lower energy costs.

Is there a specific type of home or floor structure best suited for underfloor insulation services by Insulation Extract?

The company focuses on retrofitting existing Perth homes with various structures like suspended floor, timber floorboards, joist structures, homes built on pylons and raised footings, and those with an accessible crawl space. They cater to homes with a crawl space greater than 600mm and where there's underfloor access throughout.

How can I get more information or request a consultation with Insulation Extract about my underfloor insulation needs?

Homeowners can contact Insulation Extract directly to receive more information about their products and services and to get guidance on the best underfloor insulation solution for their home.

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