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WA Insulation - Supply and Install of Insulation for Perth Builders 

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Looking for commercial insulation solutions for builders? We offer expert installation services to help improve energy efficiency and comfort in commercial buildings. Contact us for more information.

WA Insulation is a brand of Energy Efficiency Group, offering expert insulation installation services in Perth and surrounding areas

WA Insulation offers a variety of insulation services to builders across Perth. Please see below which services you require and contact our friendly team for obligation free quote.

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We offer extremely competitive supply & install $m2 rates for builders. No matter if your building company is building 4000 homes or 4 homes a year, we value your business as we can guaranty you'll value ours.  With top class service and high quality products choose Insulation Extract for your insulation needs. 

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Some times you just prefer to do it your self, or you have your own team who can do it when you want it done, the problem is you don't have the buying power for competitive $m2 rates. We offer a affordable supply & delivery service from the Perth.


Don't stress if the insulation has been "missed" or "forgotten about". We can save you mega bucks from pulling off the wall linings to install the insulation. We are the Knauf approved Blow In Insulation Installers in Perth which can be blown in using '5 cent' & '20 cent' piece drill holes.


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The Earthwool® Ceiling batt range includes a selection of R-Values to provide builders, designers, installers and DIYers the opportunity to choose the best thermal performance for their project. Earthwool®Ceiling batt will improve the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of the building in which it has been installed thus keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. Super-soft to handle and install, Earthwool® Ceiling batt is made using up to 80% recycled glass and with ECOSE® Technology, a sustainable, bio-based binder that contains no added formaldehyde.


Jet Stream® MAX is a super high performance, non-combustible Glasswool designed to be blown into timber frame walls, floors, skillion roofs and ceilings. The system creates a thermal, acoustic barrier. The product completely fills gaps, voids and hard to reach areas around pipes, electrical wires and fixtures. Jet Stream® MAX should only be installed by Approved Installers to ensure the highest quality and installed performance.


Supafil® CarbonPlus is your tried & tested home insulation solution specifically designed for installation into existing wall cavities. It is a premium non-combustible glass mineral wool product which conveniently requires no mixing on site. It increases the energy efficiency in older homes for which it is impossible to install batts. Supafil® CarbonPlus can be installed into brick, plasterboard, brick veneer walls, as well as underfloor and skillion roof applications.

SprayWool Thermal and Acoustic is an unbonded, virgin glass mineral wool blowing insulation often used with various proprietry adhesives as part of a thermal or acoustic system.  SprayWool Thermal and Acoustic is used in conjunction with an adhesive to provide a thermal solution for soffits and crawl spaces and an acoustic solution for mid-floor applications. It offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance and it is lightweight and convenient to apply. The white colour of SprayWool Thermal and Acoustic allows customers to add a colour tint in order to achieve their desired finish


Thermal & Acoustic


Feel free to read more on the application type you are needing a solution for. Whether it's acoustics or thermal we have the products & experience to help improve your building at a reason price.

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We are the only Perth company to gain Knauf Insulation accreditation as a Approved Installer of Knauf Insulation blow in products. All our installers are regularly assessed and tested to ensure all installations meet the highest standards set out by our company goals and Knauf Insulation.

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All the products we supply & install are CodeMark™ approved & tested. CodeMark™ is the highest level of product compliance in Australia, which is your assurance of the product’s suitability for use in your home and that it will perform as it should. CodeMark™ certification will also provide a smooth compliance pathway with local building authorities


Insulation Extract is both a HIA & Master builders member in Perth. We are more likely to be up to date with the latest regulations and techniques and are committed to the sustainability of the industry as a whole. Members are also subject to a Code of Conduct, which contains ethical standards ensuring the highest quality of workmanship is achieved.

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All our staff and subcontractors are fully insured. We have $20 Mil public liability and full workers compensation giving you peace of mind that you are dealing with professionals.

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