Terms & Conditions
  • 40% upfront deposit.

  • Remaining 60% due on the day of completion.

  • $100 administration fee for late payments 7 days over due.

  • Credit card payments incur 1.5% surcharge fee per transaction.

  • Cash/Cheque not accepted

  • EFT/Direct Debit/Credit Card Accepted


Direct Debit
  • Option of paying the full amount once the job is completed is also available via Direct Debit.

  • Payment is automatically debited on the due date of invoice.

  • An auto generated email will be sent to you upon acceptance of your quote with this option.

Buy No Pay Later
  • Contact our office for an interest free finance instalment option.

Credit Card
  • Contact our office to pay via credit card.

EFT/Bank Transfer

Please note INSULATION EXTRACT takes no responsibility for any errors made on your behalf. Please double check all bank account numbers are correct before submitting any payment. It is strongly advised that a bank confirmation is sent as a reply to accounts@insulationextract.com.au with reference to invoice/PO # as evidence of transfer.

*Our Installers are not authorised to accept payment on site. Please contact our office to finalise your account.


  • Jobs can only be dispatched with a purchase order or acceptance of this quote.

  • Quote does not include any provisions of scaffolding. Any scaffolding required will be at the cost of the client.

  • Utilities such as water and electricity to be accessible during job. With main electricity to be switched off as per law during Insulation Removal and/or Insulation Install works.  

  • Part works (i.e insulation removal for provision of other client nominated repairs/trades prior to insulation install) will be invoiced separately.

  • Goods/materials to remain sole property of Insulation Extract Pty Ltd until final invoice payment.

Scheduled Date
  • Works to commence on an agreed date & at an agreed time.

  • Works to be postponed or/and canceled due to weather or hazards (i.e asbestos)

  • Insulation Extract has the right to reschedule an agreed date on short notice without penalty.

Insulation Removal
  • Excludes garage, eaves, alfresco, patio and porch areas unless specified on quote.

  • Excludes all materials & debris other than insulation material specified on quote.

Insulation Install
  • Excludes garage, eaves, alfresco, patio and porch areas unless specified on quote.

Blow In Insulation
  • Excludes sanding, patching & painting unless specified on quote.

  • Excludes the removal or shifting of clients property or furniture that may trigger Delay Fee below.

Ceiling Re-strapping
  • Excludes propping up sagged/dropped ceilings

  • Excludes flushing/fixing existing ceiling cracks

  • Excludes painting as a result of staining from strapping

  • All content on this site, our website, social media and those sent to the customer, including text, icons, graphics, photos, videos etc are the property of Insulation Extract and are protected by Australian and International Copyright law.

  • Clients are invited to write reviews and share their experience.  By providing such reviews, you give Insulation Extract permission to use, reproduce, modify and publish them in a royalty-free, irrevocable manner. Any reviews and comments which are perceived as derogatory, vile, false, defaming, malice or damaging will be removed.  

Advice & Information
  • The advice and information given is professional advice for individual and specific conditions. We take no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from its use.

  • All work will cease until the client acknowledges any pre-existing damages found prior, during & after works.

  • Insulation Extract is not liable for the repair or replacement costs of existing damage items or when these items damages increase/worsen as a result of work.

  • Due to the nature & difficulty of insulation work including insulation removals, insulation installs & blow in retrofit insulation installs in existing homes; lights, air-con vents & ducting, extractor fans, wires, water-pipes and fittings may be old and unknowingly fragile staff causing these items to damaged or knocked out of place during works. Insulation Extract is not liable for replacing/fixing such items damaged caused by contracted works except when * Damage Shield Product* is accepted part of quote prior to works starting.

  • All other damages other than defined above are covered by Insulation Extract.

Install Warranty
  • A additional service which when accepted part of quote prior to works starting, will allow any trade to work in your ceiling with the assurance of our industry leading 3 year guarantee we'll return once to ensure your insulation is installed as we left it.

Extra Fees & Charges
  • Asbestos Fee - $250 plus gst

    • Applicable when asbestos could not be identified in the quoting process causing an immediate stand down of work.

    • Applicable when clients choose to no longer proceed with works.

    • Applicable when client chooses to proceed with works after clearance certificate has been provided.

  • Delay Fee - $100 per/hr plus gst

    • Applicable when Insulation Extract staff are delayed by a third party contracted through client.

    • Applicable when Insulation Extract staff are delayed due to inaccessible or unsafe job site.

  • Rescheduling Fee - $200 plus gst

    • Applicable when client cancels within 72 hours or 3 days of agreed job date & time resulting in rescheduling.

    • Applicable when the job site is inaccessible resulting in rescheduling.

  • Overdue Fee - $100 plus gst

    • Applicable when invoice is overdue 5 days from payment date.