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Insulation Removal Perth

We Remove Old Insulation In Perth And Surrounding Suburbs.

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Insulation Extract - Perth's Professional Insulation Removal Services for Insulation Extraction

Insulation is a critical component of keeping your home comfortable and reducing energy costs. Unfortunately, over time insulation materials deteriorates becoming obsolete necessitating removal and replacement. That's where we come in.


As Perth's leading insulation removalist, we will discuss,

  • the extraction process involved in replacing old insulation with new,

  • why it’s beneficial to remove old insulation,

  • hiring the right contractor for help when doing so,

  • replacing it with new Insulation that is high quality and up to modern insulation standards.

  • FAQ's are also summarised for you at the end.

Short Summary

  • As Perth's leading professional insulation extraction services, we prioritize health and safety, provide time & cost savings, improve energy efficiency, and guide you in selection of your new insulation material.

  • When choosing an insulation extraction company ensure they have experience/qualifications/licensing/insurance & references for your needs.

  • Carefully evaluate and compare your quotes to make sure you receive best value & quality service.

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Understanding Insulation Extraction & Removal.

Removing existing insulation materials such as old batts from walls, roofs and ceilings is known as the process of insulation extraction. This can become necessary for several reasons including damages to structures, infestations or out-of-date material that impacts a building’s energy efficiency. Popular kinds of insulating materials requiring removal are underfloor insulations, roofing stuffs and blown-in versions. Remember the dreaded Cellulose?...

When contemplating insulation removal, it’s essential to think about any risks connected with;

  • Mold growth due to moisture build up,

  • Build up of dust in the roof space,

  • Pests breeding in it,

  • Ceilings cracking, or sagging due moisture building up in the insulation over time,

  • As well as not meeting modern day building codes leading to greater energy bills.

If these sound like your problems, then it's time to reach out to Insulation Extract to ensure the safety and future proofing your home, while starting the journey of reducing your energy consumption due to poor Perth home insulation.


The Primary Reason for Insulation Extraction.

As we listed above some reasons for the need of insulation extraction, lets focus on the material issue, old insulation's effect on energy efficiency. Insulation which is damaged, infested or performing poorly will not provide the desired insulation effectiveness. This,

  • increases your daily utility costs,

  • increases your carbon footprint as you spend more than required on heating and cooling,

  • poorer home valuation when selling a poorly insulated home.

To boost energy efficiency while decreasing power bills, Perth homeowners should consider house insulation removal and replacement from their roof space. Removing existing blown-in insulation enables households to enhance air quality as well as realise greater thermal control.


Types of Insulation Materials We Remove.

Various kinds of insulation materials may require extraction, including loose fill, wool and urea-formaldehyde as well as old fibreglass batts.

  • Blown in insulation carries dangerous chemicals such as led residue from printing, boric acid and formaldehyde during the production process. It's not just paper, its old newspaper with excessive amounts of lead.

  • Wool insulation material is sustainable since it comes from sheep’s wool, however it is a high fire risk, as it was predominant in older homes in the 40's to 60's, as it was at its time, an excellent thermal insulator.

  • Fiberglass Batts started in popularity in the 70's and it's their early years which were full of formaldehyde. Over time the fibreglass batts break down and turn into dust in your ceiling space. 

  • Unknown Material has be discovered by us over the years such as asbestos, mixed in the insulation material. When there is high winds, this material can enter into the home. Notwithstanding over the years, insulation material that was used in early years contained toxic fumes during the creation of that insulation material. This breaks down over time leading to poor VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) in the surrounding area.

Preparing Your Home for an Insulation Vacuuming and Removal.

Once you have decided to go ahead with an insulation removalist, here are some considerations when preparing your home for the day of removal.

To start the insulation removal process,

  • electricity must be shut off  for the safety of the removalists operating around live wires. This is a regulatory requirement.

  •  Any items or obstructions cleared from the area. During this time, one should examine the roof space and eliminate any large pieces of debris and goods stored, prior to extraction. 

  • Existing insulation type will be evaluated including its condition and potential risks, which will aid an effective removal, plus determine what material is best for replacing it.

  • Asbestos free is the most important factor, as most insulation removal companies, including us, Insulation Extract, are NOT licensed to handle or remove Asbestos


For a safe and successful removal of insulation materials like cellulose insulation and polyballs, specialized equipment such as an industrial ceiling vacuum are used.

Accessing the area by roof is recommended rather than open manholes in order to preserve cleanliness inside the house & prevent damage due to hose movement against walls.


After extracting old insulation, thorough vacuuming should follow up for eliminating loose particles & dust before installation of new layers on top can begin. This process helps safeguard the underlying structure while keeping hazardous material releases minimal during removal activities under control.


Disposal and Clean-up.

Following the extraction process, we take care in the disposal and clean-up process. To eliminate any remaining dust or debris firstly,

  • all the removed old insulation is collected in sealed bags for proper handling,

  • The new insulation
    will then need to be installed into a spotless area that has been thoroughly cleaned ensuring no harmful particles remain present. 

  • As a professional Insulation removalist we dispose of the material for you with the approved waste authorities.

Its important to understand that when vacuuming ceilings we are disturbing settled dust that has accumulated over 10-40 years! So it is common for some of that dust to enter through bathroom extraction fans or aircon vents. 


Replacing Removed Insulation.

In order to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of a home, replacing old insulation with new energy-efficient insulation batts is the final step. From our experience the best product on the market in earthwool glasswool batts. as it has the following market leading features.

  • 50 year manufacturers warranty

  • non-combustible

  • Thermal values (R) from R4 - R6

  • Sustainable and eco friendly

  • Formaldehyde free

  • Made from 80% recycled glass.

Hiring the Right Insulation Extraction Company.

Lastly, for an effective insulation extraction and replacement process, selecting the appropriate company is critical. It’s recommended to ask tough questions, compare services provided as well as costs involved before making your final decision. This will guarantee that you are getting quality service for a reasonable cost. As we have completed over 10,000 homes and have spoken to many customers who have shared all kinds of experiences, we have boiled it down to the following considerations.


When considering potential contractors, be sure to look into;

  • Their qualifications such as expertise, and appropriate licenses held.

  • Proof of liability and damage insurance along with details on how they extract insulation materials and,

  • What equipment they use should come under careful consideration.

  • High Google reviews is the best testament you are using professional installers and removalists.

  • DAMAGES HAPPEN! We typically experience about 1 in 15 homes where our team has caused minor accidental damage to something. This is not a lack of care, but testament to the challenges of working in older existing Perth home ceilings. As a contractor our reputation remains high, as we always rectify the issues appropriately in a timely manner. If you have selected a 'one-man band' they won't have the same level of responsibility.


Questions to Ask Potential Insulation Companies.

When looking for a company to do insulation extraction, it’s essential to verify their expertise and credentials. Ask about how many Perth homes they have completed before. You should always be wary of 'one-man bands'

Check with previous customers regarding their work quality and customer service satisfaction too. These questions will enable you to find out if the contractor meets your requirements while ensuring a successful outcome from the project at hand. Make sure that all relevant safety regulations are adhered too.

Evaluating Quotes and Services.

When deciding on an insulation extraction company, it is important to look at the cost of services offered as well as customer reviews.

  • What range of work and how many m2 will be included in the removal and installation of new insulation,

  • What warranties or guarantees that may come with the service.

  • Hidden costs could be added to the quote in the form of adding additional m2 of your home.

  • Cashies may be offered as a cheaper option, but remember, as you are doing an under the table deal, don't go chasing for damages or dispute the quality of work...

  • Reading client testimonials allows you to gain insight into how reliable a given business might be in terms of their output and satisfaction levels from customers, essential considerations when selecting a provider for this type of job.

Evaluating quotes carefully should enable one to make sure they obtain the best possible option for their needs concerning extracting insulating materials from buildings.


Insulation Extract

Insulation Extact Reviews
perth insulation removal
perth insulation removal


Insulation extraction is an important step in ensuring your home stays both energy-efficient and comfortable. To make informed decisions about the necessary removal of materials, it’s crucial to be aware of why this process should take place, what types are involved and how to go about carrying out a successful replacement. Seeking professional help ensures safety, efficiency & cost savings. So ask questions carefully before making any commitments or selecting appropriate companies that have required qualifications for completing such tasks efficiently.

We have Completed 10,000+ Aussie Homes

Insulation Removal Checklist

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remove insulation in Perth?
It costs between $1,500 and $3,000 to get insulation taken out of a 4-bedroom house professionally. The fee includes labour, materials, as well as sucking away dust particles and dirt from both roofing systems and ceiling spaces. Variations in cost might depend on how big the house is or what type of insulation has been put in place originally. All these components are necessary for guaranteeing an appropriate removal process takes place safely.

Can you remove fiberglass insulation yourself?
It is essential for safe fiberglass insulation removal to use the right safety gear and tools. One should make sure to isolate the area, examine it for asbestos presence and discard it properly afterward. We recommend leaving it to the professionals even though it may be easy to remove the batts, but what about the dust? There will be alot of it. You can't install new insulation on a dirty dusty service. 

Is there a vacuum to remove blown in insulation?
Yes, a 23 horsepower vacuum is necessary to safely remove blown in insulation. A 6-inch diameter hose is attached from the vacuum and brought into the insulated space for removal. Entry its most done via a tile or tin lift in the exterior of the roof to avoid damages and dirt inside the home. 

What are the main reasons for insulation extraction?
The removal of existing insulation is essential when dealing with damages, pest infestations, poor performance or out-of-date materials. These can decrease energy efficiency and overall safety within a household. Replacing it with more modern and efficient materials will aid in achieving better levels of energy conservation as well as minimising the risk for any fire related hazards. Insulation extraction ensures that homes are using up to date products to keep them safe while reducing their power consumption!

What are the main reasons for insulation extraction?
The removal of existing insulation is essential when dealing with damages, pest infestations, poor performance or out-of-date materials. These can decrease energy efficiency and overall safety within a household. Replacing it with more modern and efficient materials will aid in achieving better levels of energy conservation as well as minimising the risk for any fire related hazards. Insulation extraction ensures that homes are using up to date products to keep them safe while reducing their power consumption!
How do you access my Roof?
Almost every home has​ a manhole allowing easy access into the roof space, however we recommend that we access the roof from the exterior of your home by removing roof tiles. This method offers the most hygienic solution and ease for us by providing adequate ventilation and light, although we will leave this decision up to you.

How long does it take to remove my old insulation?
As we have over 40 full time staff we also commit 1 full day to the job, or 1/2 a day if its under 50m2.
If the home is 150m2+ we will send 3-4 guys and will complete the install of the new insulation on the same day. This is because we want the Perth home owner upgraded with the new insulation without having to send a hot day or cold morning without insulation.

Do you provide online quotes via satelite?
We do to get a good estimate of the m2 of the home, however as there are many variables that dictate the price, we like to visit the home and do an inspection. Alternatively we ask a few questions over the phone and request a couple photos of inside the roof space. 

Have More Questions About Insulation Removal And Extractions In Perth?

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