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Ceiling Vacuum Perth

We Vacuum Old Insulation In Perth And Surrounding Suburbs.

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Maximize Your Perth Homes Energy Efficiency by Vacuuming out The Old Insulation. Consider the Perths leading insulation Vacuuming service - Insulation Extract.

As the premier providers of professional insulation removal services in Perth, we specialize in comprehensive Insulation vacuums. Insulation plays a pivotal role in keeping your home cozy while simultaneously minimizing energy expenditure. Regrettably, insulation materials are subject to degradation over time or may become outdated, mandating their eventual removal and replacement.

Being at the forefront of insulation removal in Perth, we are poised to walk you through the intricate ceiling vacuum process necessary for substituting old insulation with modern high quality replacements. We'll also shed light on why engaging professional services for this task is an advantageous move, and we'll guide you on how to choose the right company to vacuum your ceiling. Trust us to arm you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your insulation needs.


Short Summary.

  • Insulation vacuuming is a process of removing old blow in insulation that improves energy efficiency and safety of homes.

  • Professional preparation, specialized equipment, health & safety procedures are essential components for successful insulation vacuuming.

  • Ceiling vacuuming helps to reduce allergies/asthma symptoms, minimize fire hazards and create healthier living environments with improved air quality. It's the orimary step to take when upgrading to new insulation.

The Ins and Outs of Insulation Vacuuming.

In a nutshell, insulation vacuuming is a process that cleans the roof space and removes debris and contaminants from the ceiling cavity to ensure maximum efficiency after new insulation batts have been installed. It consists of two main steps:

  • roof space preparation and

  • the vacuuming process itself.

Regular roof cleaning, which includes roof cavity cleaning, is essential to maintaining the energy efficiency and safety of your home or commercial property.


Roof Space Preparation.

Before insulation vacuuming can begin, it’s crucial to prepare the roof space to ensure safety and efficiency.


This involves accessing the ceilings through roof tiles or via the steel tin roof and cleaning the area of any accumulated dust, animal droppings, leaves, and construction debris.

Not only does this help maintain the efficiency of your new insulation installed, but it also prevents potential health issues caused by allergens and other harmful substances.

The Power must be off for the duration of the works, and the team will be wearing all the correct PPE.

The Vacuuming Process.

Once the roof space is prepared, we can begin the insulation vacuuming process. This involves using high-powered, large capacity vacuum to extract old insulation. Our vacuum is mounted, powered by a diesel engine, and is used to remove debris and contaminants from the roof space, preparing it for new insulation.

The vacuuming process is vital for improving the energy efficiency of a property by replacing old insulation with new, more effective insulation, and reducing the risk of fire and other hazards.

We do not vacuum up asbestos and we are not licenced to do so. 


Benefits Of A Cleanly Vacuumed Roof Space In Your Perth Home.

Insulation vacuuming provides a plethora of advantages such as,

  • improving the performance of your new thermal insulation and increased energy efficiency, and

  • enhanced health and safety of the home,

  • help extend the lifespan of insulation by eliminating debris and contaminants that can reduce its effectiveness.

By having Insulation Extract use a vacuum hose to remove old insulation and debris, we are able to get 90% of the dust thus, greatly improving the indoor air quality and minimize health risks. 

Enhanced Thermal Insulation.

Therefore, the main goal of insulation vacuuming is prepare your home for the new insulation,  such as fiberglass or earthwool insulation, or spray foam insulation, giving you a the best return on your investment. Why spend $3-5k upgrading your insulation if its going into a dirty roof space?

Having us vacuum the ceiling will lead to an increase in energy savings over time and overall increase in comfort within your home.

Health and Safety Improvements.

While insulation vacuuming offers numerous benefits, the most valuable shouldn't be a monetary return on your investment, but comfort that you and your family are how living in a cleaner and safer living environment. That it worth more than money can buy. 


Roof Cavity Cleaning: A Crucial Component of Insulation Vacuuming.

As we have already discussed, but it's worth mentioning again, that roof cavity cleaning is an essential part of insulation vacuuming, as cleaning the roof cavity thoroughly is key to get rid of hazardous materials such as:

  • allergens

  • asbestos

  • bacteria

  • dust

  • other dangerous substances, including old insulation batts

Regular roof cavity cleaning is recommended to ensure that the insulation is working properly and that the air is breathing properly. 

Eliminating debris and contaminants from the roof cavity is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of the insulation and preventing potential issues. Common toxins that can accumulate in the roof cavity include lead particles and asbestos, which pose a serious risk to the inhabitants of the house. Roof cavity cleaning effectively removes these harmful substances, as well as dust, ash, grime, insects, and allergens, promoting a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Preparing for New Insulation.

Roof cavity cleaning is also a vital step in preparing the area for the installation of new insulation. By ensuring that the roof cavity is free of debris and contaminants, new insulation can be installed more efficiently and effectively, resulting in enhanced thermal insulation and increased energy efficiency.

This process ultimately contributes to a more comfortable living environment and lower energy bills.


Replacing The Removed Insulation

In order to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of a home, replacing old insulation with new energy-efficient insulation batts is the final step. From our experience the best product on the market in earthwool glasswool batts, as it has the following market leading features.

  • 50 year manufacturers warranty

  • non-combustible

  • Thermal values (R) from R4 - R6

  • Sustainable and eco friendly

  • Formaldehyde free

  • Made from 80% recycled glass.

Choosing the Right Insulation Services Provider.

Selecting the right insulation installer or removal services provider is crucial for ensuring that the insulation vacuuming process is conducted correctly and safely. From our knowledge in the industry, we strongly recommend homeowners  consider the following factors:

  • Experience

  • Expertise

  • Equipment

  • Techniques

By selecting a knowledgeable and experienced provider, you can be confident that your insulation will be installed efficiently and effectively, resulting in enhanced energy efficiency and cost savings.

The provider should have a proven track record of successful insulation projects and be able to provide references.

When considering potential contractors expertise, be sure to look into;

  • Their qualifications such as expertise, and appropriate licenses held.

  • Proof of liability and damage insurance along with details on how they extract insulation materials and,

  • What equipment they use should come under careful consideration.

  • High Google reviews is the best testament you are using professional installers and removalists.

  • DAMAGES HAPPEN!, we typically experience about 1 in 10 homes where our team has caused accidental damage to something. This is not a lack of care, but testament to the challenges of working in older existing Perth home ceilings. As a contractor our reputation remains high, as we always rectify the issues appropriately in a timely manner. If you have selected a one-man band they wont have the same level of responsibility. 

Insulation removal


Insulation Extract

Insulation Extact Reviews

Hiring the Right Insulation Extraction Company.

Lastly, for an effective insulation vacuuming and replacement process, selecting the appropriate company is critical. It’s recommended to ask tough questions, compare services provided as well as costs involved before making your final decision. This will guarantee that you are getting quality service for a reasonable cost. As we have completed over 10,000 homes and have spoken to many customers who have shared all kinds of experiences, we have boiled it down to the following considerations.

1. Ask about how many Perth homes they have completed before. You should always be wary of 'one-man bands'

2. Check with previous customers regarding their work quality and customer service satisfaction.

3. Make sure that all relevant safety regulations are adhered too.

Evaluating Your Insulation Quotes and Services.

When deciding on an insulation vacuuming company, it is important to look at the cost of services offered as well as customer reviews.

  • What range of work and how many m2 will be conducted including removal and installation of new insulation,

  • What warranties or guarantees that may come with the service.

  • Hidden costs could be added to the quote in the form of adding additional m2 of your home.

  • Cashies may be  offered as a cheaper option, but remember, as you are doing an under the table deal, don't go chasing for damages or dispute the quality of work...


Reading client testimonials allows you to gain insight into how reliable a given business might be in terms of their output and satisfaction levels from customers, essential considerations when selecting a provider for this type of job.


Evaluating quotes carefully should enable one to make sure they obtain the best possible option for their needs concerning extracting insulating materials from buildings.

The Final Say.

  • Insulation vacuuming is a crucial part of the process in keeping your home both energy-savvy and a warm, welcoming place to be.

  • Making well-informed decisions about the necessary removal of outdated insulation materials is key.

  • It's important to understand why this procedure is needed, the different types of insulation involved, and the right steps to ensure a seamless replacement process.

  • Turning to a professional service like us not only guarantees a high standard of safety and efficiency, but it also offers potential cost savings.

  • Therefore, we encourage you to ask detailed, thoughtful questions before making any decisions or selecting the right company. Ensure that they possess the necessary qualifications to carry out such tasks efficiently.

  • Insulation vacuuming isn't just a process, it's an investment in your home's comfort and efficiency. Choose wisely and experience the benefits for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to vacuum up insulation?

Vacuuming up insulation is not generally advised, as it can be easily damaged by the suction of a shop vacuum. You should also consider the type of insulation and any airborne toxins that may be present. These could be stirred up and released further into the home if vacuuming is used.

How does a insulation vacuum work?

Vacuum insulation utilizes a man-made vacuum between two materials such as glass or stainless steel to isolate temperature and prevent any exchange of heat. It is commonly used in food containers, retaining the desired temperature of beverages and preventing outer walls from heating up or sweating.

How much does it cost to remove insulation in Perth?

Removing insulation in a 4-bedroom house in Perth typically costs between $1500 and $3000, depending on size. This includes professional removal of old home blow in insulation and vacuuming of old house dust and debris from the roof or ceiling cavity. The cost of insulation removal is usually determined by the size of the house and the type of insulation used. The cost of the removal process can also be affected by the location of the house and the complexity of the removal process.

How much does roof cleaning via a dust vacuum cost in Perth?

Roof cleaning can cost anywhere from $300-$500 in Perth, depending on the size and complexity of the job, as well, but is usually complimented by the installtion of new insulation.

How does insulation vacuuming improve energy efficiency?

Insulation vacuuming eliminates debris and contaminants that diminish the efficiency of insulation, thereby improving energy efficiency.

Have More Questions About Insulation Removal and Extractions In Perth?

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