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Earthwool Insulation: The Sustainable and Cost-Effective Choice for Your Home

  • Earthwool Insulation is manufactured by global leader, Knauf Insulation.

  • Made from recycled glass bottles, providing an environmentally-friendly insulation solution.

  • High-performance, sustainable and offers exceptional thermal and acoustic performance.

  • Earthwool offers a variety of products for different insulation applications such as roofing, walls, floors, and HVAC systems.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and improve the energy efficiency of your home by choosing Earthwool Insulation.

  • Energy Efficiency Group is the leading supplier and installer of Earthwool Insulation in Western Australia.

  • Our team of professional and experienced contractors will ensure proper and high-standard installation.

  • Offer insulation removal and extraction services for old insulation

  • Improve energy efficiency of your home, Choose Earthwool and trust Energy Efficiency Group for your insulation needs.


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